International Contest of World Spirit Drinks

More important

The samples will be presented in an totally anonymous fashion to the judging panels.
Each spirit drink tasted is scored individually and not comparatively.

International Competition 

image contient des bouteilles de spiritueux

The spirit drinks with geographical indication coming from all  regions and countries of the world and all the vintages.

The competition is intended to highlight the intrinsic qualities of

spirit drinks  from specific geographical areas and to distinguish those
spirit drinks of outstanding quality and that are exceptionally expressive
of their appellation or origin.

This international competition highlights the role of women and
their professions in the world of distillation, maceration  , infusion and winemaking at an
international level.

Entry requirements for the Spirit Drinks 

Spirit Drinks  must be bottled and ready for sale. 
Spirit Drinks packaged in different skin are also allowed to participate.

Their labels should conform to:
• The European Union regulation applied to EU member states.
• To the regulation in force in the country where the wine is produced and to the provisions regarding the importation of wine applicable to non-EU member states.