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Our International Organization

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Composed of professionals  of the whole world.
The organization is independent, apolitical and confessional.
Its credo Diversity, Exchange, Conviviality based on Sharing.

Our Mission

The awards given at this international competition through the award-winning world wines participate:

• obtaining for competitors a representative evaluation of their products

• encouraging the marketing of a quality product both at the product level and in its presentation with the

• to promote the quality, diversity and excellence of the world wines of an appellation or of an origin and to the expansion of the culture of the vine and the wine at the international level.

• to reinforce the identity and technical perception of world wines with consumers and buyers at the international level

• to provide a response to the 80% of consumers waiting for a message on world wines by offering them international references.

· Give advice and develop recipes with our Taste and Flavor Pairologists in partnership with

Régine LE COZ
State certified French oenologist

An eclectic and atypical background.

More than 25 years of professional experience in the world of vine and wine:
Production, Trade, Training, Marketing, Applied Research, Marketing, Oenological and Wine Consulting, Coaching, Wine Tourism, Communication, Events.

She is the creator, co-founder and co-organizer of the "Mondial du Rosé®", in Cannes in 2004 in collaboration with the Union of Oenologists of France.

President and founder of Concours et guides

Femmes et Vins du Monde Concours International™ à Monaco
Femmes et Spiritueux du Monde Concours International™ - Monaco
Concours International des Vins de Terroir™ - Brignoles Provence Verte
Femmes et Vins de France™ - Concours National - Bordeaux

Guide International du vin roséTM - Monaco

co-founder of 
Concours International des Vins de Gastonomie™  avec Dominique Milardi , Maitre et Chef Sommelier at Méridien Beach Plaza - MONACO

International expert tasters

The Technical Commission  designates the number of members of each judging panel.

The jury will consist of exclusively  international female tasters.

International Female Taster

Each judging panel comprises five judges, two of whom are French,and three foreigners recognized for their abilities based on each of the following panels:

Panel 1: oenologists and/or winemakers Presidents of the judging panels
Panel 2: production and affiliates 
Panel 3: distribution, commercialization & catering, trade,  Spirit tourism
Panel 4: education, training and medias
Panel 5: spirit drink lovers

The total number of international judges is determined by the number of samples presented. 

A judge may not judge her own spirit drink.

Become an international taster